Security is an ever-present aspect of daily life in our homes, businesses, and all the places we visit.  We use and rely on security to protect what we value most: people and property.  Without it, everything is at risk.  With it, security is what makes everything else we do possible.

The Security Business Council is a trade organization of private security services and products providers.  It offers its members information about business best practices specific to the security industry, and the opportunity to network, collaborate, and interact with other members for the common goals of growing their business and advancing the industry.

The SBC will soon also be a resource for security consumers who have the responsibility and obligation to provide security for themselves, their employees, and their customers.  This includes free information about security best practices, how to employ security services and products, and access to SBC member companies.

The SBC is not a consultancy, nor does it sell any security services or products.  Its only mission is to assist and support its members and security consumers so both can get the most return from their security investment.

If you have a suggestion or question about the SBC or a security topic we invite you to send it along by using the Contact SBC form.

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